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Membership_ImageYour membership is crucial to help the club in keeping a balanced budget, as we form a legal association that, as such, incurs in administration expenses. Also, the club's budget is employed to fund, totally or partially, periodic events to accomplish our mission of knowledge dissemination and strengthening of the alumni network.

Current membership fee is 50€ per year that, for the sake of efficiency, is collected through recurring charges to our members' accounts.

Members are also encouraged and welcomed to participate in the club's activities, as well as to provide insights or ideas with the aim of making a livelier and ever more attractive club.

Alumni Memberships

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Alumni Standard Membership (1 year)


Become a sponsor

We are always open to working with other organizations, either as sponsors or partners. Currently do not have a formal process for establishing such alliances but we encourage you to contact us via email.

Information for non-members

Even though most of our events are exclusive for our members, we sometimes organize events open to the general public. If you would like for us to inform you when such events, please send us your information through sending an email to