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The Columbia Business School Club of Spain has four objectives aiming at enhancing the school's alumni social and professional experience:

1. To strengthen and expand the network of alumni residing or doing business in Spain through regular social events

2. To stimulate debate, foster international awareness and promote educational and cultural exchange through the organization of panels and conferences with influential keynote speakers and participants

3. To promote Columbia Business School and support its interests in Spain

4. To maintain and strengthen the relationship between our alma mater and its alumni in Spain, as well as encourage interaction with Columbia University alumni and Ryder Club members

Your membership and active participation are essential for the success of these objectives.
Please join the club today by sending an email to with your request!

About the club

The Columbia Business School Club of Spain ("CBSCS") has been active since the 1980s and was duly registered as an association under Spanish law in 2005.

The club brings together the alumni of the Columbia Business School living in Spain. It also is a point of contact for any Columbia Business School alumni living abroad and wanting to stay in contact with the Spanish business community.

As of last count, the CBSCS had more than 200 members. Help us grow our network by spreading the word and linking new or lost alumni.

Some past events include: a talk over lunch with Jose Maria Alvarez-Pallete, President of Telefonica Latinoamerica; a conference by Professor Rita McGrath "Driving Growth in Turbulent Times" and the first Autumn Happy Hour at Le Coq. For future events, please click here.

Remember that this all works because of people's generosity -- including your own! Feel free to share whatever you can with the Club's Board: time, energy, skills, you name it.

Warmest regards,

Club Board

PS - Support the Club and its initiatives by becoming a dues-paying member. Find out why and how. Thank you.

Current Club Board

Elected to serve office for the 2014-2016 period

Claude Lasry '82
Vice president
José Luis Barbed '81
Luis Truchado '96
Steve Arrigenna '99
Members at Large
  Carlos Abellán '14
  Simon Amselem '87
  Carlos Canivell '88
  Guillermo Moya '08
  Julia Sánchez Abeal '10
  Gerardo Trueba '14