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Leaders' Lunch with Mr. Jaime de Jaráiz, President of LG Spain
Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 14:00 to 16:00
Casa Club
Calle del Pinar 17, 28006 Madrid

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Leaders' Lunch with Mr. Jaime de Jaráiz, President of LG Spain
Columbia Business School Alumni Club of Spain


Lunch with Leaders
Jaime de Jaráiz, President & CEO of LG Spain
Madrid - March 6th 2018
Jaime de Jaraiz - LG 
"The Miracle of the Han River": Lessons from the Korean economy

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Casa Club
Calle del Pinar 17, Madrid
(ver mapa)


Tuesday, March 6th


Price CBS and Ryder clubs' alumni: 50€
Price other participants: 65€


Guests welcome
at indicated prices

The Columbia Business School Club of Spain and the UCLA - Anderson School of Management Alumni Network of Spain, jointly with other schools*, are proud to invite you to a new edition of the leader's lunch series hosting Mr. Jaime de Jaráiz,  President & CEO of LG España, a Korean-based world leader of consumer electronics.

Mr. Jaráiz will brief participants on the South Korean economy, a model that has received international fame and praise, able to grow from an underveloped status after the country's civil war to become one of the world's eleven largest economies.

Underlying such success is the Korean style of management. Mr. Jaráiz will focus on the key principles of management that have allowed South Korean industr¡es to evolve from copying technology to leading and commercializing it at a global scale. He will also emphasize the different nature of the Chinese, Japanese and Korean management styles, and will reason the need for the Western world to enhance the knowledge of the Eastern history and culture and learn from their success at competing in the global economy.

The topics will be discussed over lunch and a debate with participants will follow.

We will be delighted to meet you and share this eye-opening session.

The Boards of Columbia Business School Club of Spain and UCLA - Anderson Alumni Network of Spain

* Alumni Associations of Bocconi, Fulbright, Emory and Fletcher are also participating.


When: Tuesday, March 6th 2018, Lunch 14:00 - 16:00.

Where: Casa Club, c/ Pinar 17, 28006 Madrid.

Price: 50€ per person for CBS alumni and other Ryders Clubs' alumni, 65€ for rest of participants (lunch included in price).

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Biography of Mr. Jaime de Jaráiz

Jaime de Jaraiz - LGMr. Jaime de Jaráiz, President and CEO of LG España, joined the company in 2005 with previous management experience at Caja Madrid, Danone and Philips.

At LG, he took top management positions in Canada, serving for two years as President there, before moving to Spain as Vicepresident and Commercial General Manager. He was promoted to President and CEO of LG at both Spain and Portugal in 2014, becoming the first non-korean citizen to lead the Iberian operations.

Mr. Jaráiz obtained a law degree at Universidad San Pablo - CEU, graduated with an MBA at Houston University, and received a PDG at IESE.

For a more personal profile, you may access this interview.


Where & When

Casa Club

Calle del Pinar 17, 28006 Madrid

Tuesday, March 6, 2018 - 14:00 to 16:00